Daily Duties

This is just a high level overview of what we do at the Rolling Meadows Fire Department. No matter what is on the agenda each day – we immediately drop whatever we are doing to respond to emergency calls.

Each firefighter works a 24 shift, starting at 8 AM. Each morning, the off-going shift passes on anything of note to the oncoming shift (minor issues with vehicles or equipment; any road closures; etc.).

The oncoming shift starts the day by going through a detailed checklist of all the vehicles. We then move onto the daily chores, which consist of washing vehicles, vacuuming, mopping floors…and the most romantic of all: cleaning the bathrooms.

If time permits, one of the cooks on shift that day will collect $10 from each FF/PM, and head to a local grocery store in the vehicle that he/she is assigned for the day (you may have seen us shopping there!) We are always available for calls – and you may have seen us run out of the store to respond to something.

Afternoons are filled with various activities. Depending on the schedule, shift members may have to conduct property inspections for the Fire Prevention Bureau. You may also notice crews around town partaking in different training activities. Everyday there is something different on the training schedule. Whether it is vehicle extrication, technical rescue or hazardous material scenarios, advanced firefighting evolutions, or advanced life support skills, we are always hard at work and ready to respond at a moment’s notice. On occasion, area departments like Rolling Meadows, Palatine, Palatine Rural, Arlington Heights, and Elk Grove train together to prepare for large scale incidents and become familiar with each department’s equipment, procedures and personnel bringing you the best, most efficient response possible.

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