File Of Life

The IAFF Local 3075 and the Rolling Meadows Fire Department is running a program to help residents have ALL of their medical information in one location, “in case of emergency.” The File of Life is simply a sheet of paper with your medical history, allergies, medications, emergency contacts, etc. This sheet of paper is then folded into a magnetic pouch that is then placed on your refrigerator.

Because so many citizens are already taking advantage of this offering, when medical information is not immediately available, all of our firefighter/paramedics check the refrigerator for this information. There can be a lot of confusion during any medical emergency – having all this information already written down in a specific place can be extremely helpful.

Some people make a copy and put it in their purse or wallet, which is also very helpful when you’re not at home. Just make sure that you keep both copies up to date if your doctor changes your prescriptions.

For those who are tech savvy – simply download this form (File Of Life), fill it out, then save a copy to your computer. Print a copy out for your refrigerator, and email a copy to us for our files (at For those who are not, simply bring all your medical information to one of the firehouses or to one of the events at the Senior Center (usually before a luncheon). Magnets are always available at the firehouses as well!

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